Friday, December 28, 2007

New Car!!

We had a great day yesterday! Philip and I drove down to Elmira, Ny to look at new cars. We have been trying to get a new vehicle for almost a year now but haven't been able to because we still owed money on our Saturn. Recently, however we have been able to pay off the Saturn and we had a down payment for a new car. Anyway, we were able to find the perfect vehicle....a minivan! I've sworn my whole life that I'd never drive a minivan but for the past year it is all I've wanted. We were able to get a 2008 Toyota Sienna. THey were having a "toyota clearance" and we were able to get a really good deal on a van with power sliding doors and built in xm satellite radio! It had all the features we wanted! I had so much fun driving it home! We are so thankful to be able to have a safe vehicle to drive. We no longer have to worry about breaking down on the way to one of our appointments. Also, now Philip has the Saturn to get back and forth to work and he no longer has to walk a mile down the road in the snow to catch the bus. We are so blessed to be able to have our transportation needs figured out!


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