Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our hospital stay

Well, we are in the hospital. Jack has had a cough for some time now and 3 weeks ago it started to turn into an infection of some sort. We treated with 2 different oral antibiotics and antibiotic injections. The injections worked for 4 days and then everything came back worse than before. Today at our Dr.'s appt. it was decided that we were going to have to be more aggressive and and admit him to the hospital for IV antibiotics. They did a CT scan of his sinuses which revealed a terrible case of sinusitis which apparently is resistant to antibiotics. The poor baby is so good through all this. It could be anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks. Hopefully if it is going to be longer than 4 days they will be able to find a PICC line small enough for him to replace the IV and then we can do the treatments at home. I really hope so because the treatments are for 15-20 minutes a day and then the rest of the time is spent just hanging out and having the nurses bug him every few hours for vitals. I just can't wait to be home. The really bad news is that they had to put his IV in his foot. Those of you who really know Jack know how that is the end of his world. He spends almost his whole day on his feet standing at his toys and making mommy walk around with him. Today he slept all afternoon but tomorrow will be a different story. Wish us luck!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Unexpected Joys

So Jack is now 18 months old and is not walking independently. We got to the point where we started to think that a walker would be beneficial to him and may give him the freedom to be mobile. I asked the CHARGE list about their experiences and got some wonderful advice in return. Then, tonight, Jack decided it was time to prove mommy and daddy wrong. He took many steps on his own and kept his balance most of the time! I was able to catch a good portion of it on video to share with you all. I hope you enjoy it and realize what an accomplishment this is for Jack.