Saturday, August 23, 2008

Any guesses??

We got the bill for Jack's Life flight today. We've been witing a long time to see how much a life flight costs. We were blown away with the figure! Any guesses on how much a 74 mile life flight costs??? $20,000!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people don't even make that in a year! That breaks down to $551 a minute! CRAZY!! We are so very fortunate to have a wonderful insurance plan that pays for it 100%. Let's just hope we don't have to have any more of those!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Are you ready for this??

Ok, We've been holding off on posting because we've been waiting for some special pictures to go along with a post but this one can't wait. We waited 3 days to post this special news because the last time we posted right away the behavior did not continue. Well now we have seen this "behavior" for 3 days in a row! Jack is now consistantly walking!!!!! It started on the 20th. We were shocked to see him let go of the tv stand and walk over to us! We didnt freak out on the inside but you better believe our insides were doing kartwheels. We felt that if we made a big deal it would hinder the progress and we were right. He acted like he had been doing it his whole life and it is no big deal. He continued all day and even carried his container of play food all the way across the room! We are just completely shocked! Tonight he walked all the way across the house, opened the back door himself, and stepped right out onto the back deck to get his daddy! It was incredible!!!! Absolutely incredible!!! We are so so happy. It has been a long 23 months but all the therapy and working with him has been worth it! We truly believe that the walker has helped him to gain his balance and confidence. He will still need the walker in new and unfamiliar places because it helps him with his depth perception and keeps him safe but now we know he can do it on his own!!! Enjoy the video!!!