Monday, March 23, 2009

New Pictures and videos

We have been quite busy recently. I know I need to get better about updating the blog. Jack is now almost completely oral! We give him one bolus of pediasure and water after he is in bed but everything else comes from his dip during the day. We're quickly learning that he loves peanut butter and strongly prefers the dips that have it. We have also been working on non-dip foods. He does better with foods that he can learn the sign for. Just in the past few days he has gone nuts over my homemade chocolate chip cookies and pizza. This morning he actually broke down the cookie enough to eat about half of it. Over the weekend he saw me dipping a cookie in a glass of milk and decided he needed to dip the cookie in his dip. It is very cute and completely gross. :-) He has also been signing pizza to ask for some pizza crust. Philip and I are thinking that we need to make him some breadsticks and let him lick tomato sauce off. We'll see what he thinks about it.

The other thing that is happening is that he is bursting with new signs. He picks them up almost immediately. Our speech therapist wants us to count the number of signs and give her a list but he is learning new signs everyday! There is no way to keep up! My favorite new sign is "bear" He looks so cute when he does it.

Everything is going great with the baby. We are now about 9 weeks away from the delivery if everything goes as planned. She is scheduled to be born 2 months from Saturday, which is May 28th. I'm getting pretty nervous about the whole thing. As most of you know, Jack's birth was far from typical so even though I have had a c-section before, I have no idea what to expect as far as the process and recovery will go. I am also not ready at home. I have so much to do to get all the little girl stuff ready and get out and wash all of Jack's old toys and gear. We go to the perinatologist on Monday and if her kidney is not any bigger than it has been she will be considered within normal range and we won't have to go back! We're all praying that is the case.

Here are some pictures of what Jack has been up to and an incredible picture of our little Jellybean.

Jack after his EEG

This is Jack at the National Museum of Play in Rochester. He had such a good time!!

They had a Wegman's set up for little kids. Everything was at their level. It was Jack's favorite part.

Jack at the butterfly exibit. He didn't really notice the butterflies but loved the water and plants.

So tired after a big day of playing at the museum!

Miss Jellybean laughing at her toes

Miss Jellybean pretending she's asleep. About 30 seconds after this picture was taken she was kicking me!

*Youtube is not cooperating today so I'll have to post the videos at another time. Keep checking back!