Monday, September 13, 2010

Claire's big girl bed

Claire's growing up! Mommy and daddy made her a big girl bed (from scratch!) and she's been doing great sleeping in it. She really loves it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long overdue

Ok, First we are going to get the bad stuff out of the way so that we can focus on the good.

Jack started to have seizures again. He stopped breathing a little over a week ago. We called 911 and it took the ambulance 20 minutes to get to us. I would say that it was the worst one he has ever had. The thing that threw us off the most is that it happened in the middle of the day. Then, just when we were feeling secure that it wouldn't happen again for 2 months he did it again this Sunday. We didn't even bother calling 911 this time. We were able to get him back on our own just like we always do. We finally caught this one on the monitor and had the information downloaded this morning. The tech said she had never seen anything like it in all the years she has been downloading pulseox's. Now we live on edge waiting for the next one.

Claire had her first surgery on Wednesday. It was a full, heart wrenching 5 hours. It didn't go as expected but turned out to be just fine. The recovery is harder this way but they were able to fix her ureter and bladder. With her anatomy being different than expected they had to use 3 external catheters, 2 out of her abdomen. They removed one on Saturday, one today, and the final abdominal tube will come out next week. Then, we have a second surgery at the end of the month to do some final repairs. Her recovery has been miserable. The poor baby just can't be herself. My child who has always sucked her medicine right down wanting more has turned into a spitter. I really don't blame her with all the different medicines she is taking now.

OK! Enough of the bad! Now on to the good!!!!

Jack is vocalizing more and more! He now tries to say most numbers, quite a few letters, On, thank you, and sings some songs. He is doing simple math and spelling. He is just proving to us every day just how smart he really is! He is loving Dora and Diego, as usual. He LOVES ice cream and repeatedly aske to go the "the store with mommy's drink", aka Sonic, for an ice cream cone. He makes sure to get every last drop out of the cone without actually biting the cone. I have no idea how he does it!! What else.... He is now trying every kind of food I am giving Claire. He reaches up and takes it off her high chair tray. For now, Claire is accepting it but as she gets a little older she will realize she can yell at him. He is a wonderful, loving brother.

The question is, What is Claire not doing??? She is now RUNNING across the house. She can move so fast! She loves Dora and the puppies and will ask for it all day long. She loves to give her stuffed animals kisses and take them for rides in the stroller or on her scooter. She loves to give kisses, her favorites being butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses. She is just such a loving little girl. She has 6 teeth and is now cutting 2 more. She loves to do somersaults. She will tuck her head under and yell, "roll roll roll!". It is pretty darn cute.

Both kids are doing incredibly well. Philip and I aren't doing so bad ourselves. :-) Pictures to come soon!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Update and Pictures!!

There has been a lot going on these past few weeks! We finally got a nurse in the house which worked out well for a while but it had to come to a close today. We are working to find someone new that will hopefully fit with our family.

We got established with a new Urologist that is planning to do surgery for Claire on June 30th to repair her kidneys. We really like him and feel really great about what he wants to do. We also met with a neurologist that we will NOT be going back to!

We have been busy getting the house decorated and organized which is making us all feel pretty good. The kids love their playroom, although Claire would rather be climbing the stairs....

Jack is doing pretty well. We were hopeful that his episodes were environmental and now that we were away from our Ithaca house they would stop but unfortunately he had another bad episode Friday night. He has had some trouble feeling himself since. The good things with Jack far outweigh the bad things right now. On Monday we took the kids to get their pictures taken at Sears and for the first time in his life Jack actually WANTED to get his picture taken! It brought tears to my eyes! (you can see the pictures below...) He is also completely in love with Dora and Diego. He has several toys and loves to pretend with them. The cutest thing he does is singing some Dora songs. I will sing, "I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'M THE MAP!!" and then I say "Jack's turn!" and he'll mumble in a sing-songy voice! It is Way cute!!!!

Claire is about to turn ONE! I can't believe it! She has come so far this year. She has been standing independently for two months now but I think she is fearful of those first steps. Oh, but she is not afraid of steps! She climbs the stairs 20 times per day! She loves to get up to the landing, turn around and laugh at me. It is really sweet. She is using all sorts of words. She says "up, mama, dada, jack, ball, baby, dog," and others. She also makes several animal noises. She eats everything under the sun! She loves all fruits including strawberries, blueberries, grapes and bananas. She also eats everything we eat during the day. She even had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today. She really enjoys her meals and transitioned to milk without any issue. It is amazing to see the way a typical kid develops their eating skills.

So here are some pictures that were taken yesterday. I hope you enjoy them!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Flu

The title says it all. Jack came down with the flu on Easter Sunday. We were hoping it was just a 24 hour bug but it wasn't. He was sick for a whole week. Then, the day before Jack was better Claire came down with it and is now miserable. Besides the usual flu yuck she is not sleeping and Philip and I have been up with her through most of the night. My poor babies have been so sick and with no nursing care my steam has almost run out. I really hope the state approves our PA soon so we can get a nurse working with us!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We have had such beautiful weather here! We have been spending a lot of time outside playing in the yard, going for walks, and going to the playground. We had our first appointments with our new pediatrician and we were very happy! Claire is a whopping 24 pounds! Who would have thought that our little skinny baby would be 24 pounds! She is catching up to her brother! They already wear the same size diapers so I don't know what I am going to do! Right now we are dealing with a sick Jack. We are really hoping this doesn't last too long. We'll update again soon! For now, enjoy the pictures below!

Happy Easter!

Claire and her "May-May"

First time on the swings! Big brother was a big helper!

Chillin' with Diego!

Very creative, Jack!

Look at those teeth!!!

Yay! Jill came to visit!

The Easter Bunny came!!!

"I see Eggs outside! Come on mom! Open the door!!!

This is our "sitting room" It's almost finished!

Again, the sitting room.

Our half bath

Philip pulling into the driveway for the first time in his new car!!!! Good bye Saturn!!!!!

New Ride!