Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another trip to the ER

We had quite a scare on Tuesday night. Jack woke up at 11:30 with his teeth hurting so we watched a blues clues and I went to put him to bed at midnight. He got upset when I got to the crib and pointed to our bed. I knew that he just needed to snuggle. I put down pillows and blankets in case he rolled out of bed. Well, about an hour later he did fall out of bed. He didn't hit anything and landed on the pillows as expected. He let out a cry and then all of a sudden it stopped. I was holding him when it happened and he just went completely limp. I tried to wake him up but he just layed there in my arms. We ran out to the living room where I called 911. I started yealling at him, shaking him and pushing on his chest. I was about to start CPR when he let our a huge cough and started to breathe again. It took him a while to come out of it but as soon as he did he wanted blues clues. By the time the EMT's got here he was sitting up watching TV. We still went to the ER to make sure that he was ok. They observed him for about 2 hours and we were cleared to go home. It seems what happened is that his teething is causing an increase of secretions and when he fell out of bed it scared him to a point that the mucous plugged his airway and he needed some agitation to get it loose. It was a very scary situation and it was even harder that Philip was at work and I was alone. I am so thankful everything turned out the way it did. We are so lucky.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Jack has recently discovered how fun fish can be. After 2 years of showing him our fish in a bowl he has finally realized what he is looking at. He now will make an "f" sound and point to the fish. Last night Jack saw for the first time the swimming fish on the screensaver. He was so excited about it! He actually climbed off Philip's lap and on to the computer desk to get a closer look. The entire time he was squealing and making the "f" sound. It was really cute!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just one Jellybean!

We had our appointment with our high-risk OB today and got some very wonderful news! Jack is only going to have one baby brother or sister! Some of you know that we have been worried about it being twins because of my size and feeling the baby move so early. Thankfully Jellybean is just making me fat and is incredibly active. We saw proof of that on the ultrasound! It lasted about 15 minutes and Jellybean was kicking, rolling, and literally jumping all over my uterus! We were able to record the ultrasound on DVD so we can watch it over and over. It is so amazing to see this tiny little baby moving so much. At one point Jellybean made up a game called "Kick the Cord". He/she got the cord wrapped around the arm and then tried to kick it off. At least our little one is creative because with 27 weeks to go Jellybean could get pretty bored in there. We hope to scan and post the pictures tonight but we may not get them until tomorrow. Check back again!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home from Texas

We are finally home from our wonderful trip to Texas! We had a great time visiting Grandma and Grandpa! Jack wasn't feeling his best while we were there but we were still able to do some fun things. He started to cut his first 2 year molar the day we left for the trip so he felt pretty uncomfortable most of the time. Jack's favorite thing to do on the trip was "GO!". He would walk over to the door, point at the car, and yell "GO!". If we didn't scoop him up and take him somewhere he would get very upset with us! We made a lot of trips to Sonic and Chelsea's which made me very happy! We were also able to go to the Houston Zoo and see the monkeys. Jack's eyes really lit up while looking at all the animals! We didn't get to see all the people we wanted to because of Jack not feeling well so I'm sorry if we didn't get to see you. We had so much fun visiting with everyone, including Great-Grandma Guernsey!

Jack is so glad to finally be home and spend some time with daddy. We've got a big week coming up with lots of appointments for Jack and the baby, who we now call Jellybean. We'll be in Syracuse most of the day tomorrow and Wednesday for Jack and then in Elmira for a 3 hour appointment on Tuesday and in Ithaca for a 3 hour appointment on Thursday for Jellybean. We are very excited for the appointment on Thursday because we will have an hour long ultrasound! It is going to be wonderful to finally see our baby!

We've also got a lot of Thanksiving shopping to do. I'm doing my usual traditional Thanksgiving dinner for 12 to feed Philip and I. We are hoping to have guests this year but we're still not sure. If not we'll have our usual leftovers for a week!

All in all, we had a wonderful week last week and we have a busy week this week! I hope we are all able to survive!!!!