Thursday, July 3, 2008

I finally have time to post!

Now that Jack is doing well and we have grandma and grandpa to run around with Jack, Mommy finally has a minute to update the blog! I didn't bring my computer to Texas with me so I'll have to update about our wonderful trip to Illinois when we get home. I can, however, update you on the crazy antics of Jack in Texas! For example, Philip's wonderful aunt Tracy and uncle Neal drove up to spend the evening with us. We had a wonderful time visiting and had a wonderful dinner (thanks, mom!!). Towards the end, Jack went out the front door and I took the walker with us and put it in the cul-de-sac. Jack didn't want to be out there he wanted to be on the sidewalk so he took his walker right up to the curb, lifted the front wheels up and took a step up onto the sidewalk!! I ran to get the camera to catch it on video in case he did it again. He did!! He also tried to go down off the curb but needed a little help to do it. He is amazing!!

We've been up to a lot of other things too. We went downtown to an area called Harwin. They have a lot off little shops that sell knock off stuff. They have tons of little jewelry store that are just overwhelming! I was looking for some jewelry to go with my dress for the wedding we're going to on Saturday. I found a beautiful set! I also got a pendant, a pair of earrings, and a ring. We had a lot of fun. We've also visited with Jack's Aunt Laura, Aunt Tina (my best friends), and Miss Sandra. We had a wonderful visit and good Lemon cookies (again, thanks mom!). THe first day we were here I went to get my hair cut. I knew I wanted to get a little cut off but I wasn't sure how much. I told her about where I wanted it and she made the first cut. She paused, looked at the lock of hair and said, "oh, that's too bad". I knew exactly what she meant and I asked, "how much more". She said, "2 inches". I told her to just do it. I was able to donate my hair to Locks of Love! Plus, I got a really cute hairstyle!

Tomorrow we are going to go and see my brother's new house and then go and see the fireworks out on the lake. Then Saturday we are up to Dallas to see my other brother's new house and to go to the wedding! We've got a lot of fun stuff coming up!!