Saturday, May 21, 2011


Jack is eating so many new things! In addition to the macaroni and cheese, he is eating goldfish crackers, grapes, raisins, apples, mashed potatoes, and chicken fingers! Here is a video of Jack's progress!

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Heather said...

Amanda, He is doing great!! He is eating so well and talking amazingly. He is just so cute. Claire is getting so big as well. I haven't read your blog in a while, so you may have already answered this, but what have you decided for schooling for Jack and has the school system been good to work with? Josiah is doing well, he is usin g a walker more to walk now. He will be in a very small mainstream classroom (I moved back hoem to my very rural, low population town where my family is). His teacher and aide have already visited his special needs preschool to get to know him, and this week the guidance counselor and special ed teacher will be going for a visit. His preschool programing is over an hour away, which we drive every day. So it has been amazing to me that the school personnel are so interested in getting to know him and preparing for him to go to regular kindergarten. He is cognitively on target, and socially emotionally mostly on target too. So it is really his physical stuff that they have to prepare for. But I have been amazed. Gonzo is a toughy but he is in a boces program that is worling well for him. We tried the mainstream but his social emotional behavioral issues were just too much. He is doing well though. Anyway, Jack looks great. thanks for sharing hte videos. I am hoping to post a couple of vidoes from my phone onto my blog if I can figure out how. Blessings to you and Phil and the kids.